Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley will show his support for Hertfordshire’s Green Belt at 11.00am on Saturday 16th March by planting a tree in the Heartwood Forest. Over 600 local residents are expected to attend the community planting event, as part of the Woodland Trust’s ambitious plans to create England’s largest new native forest. The finished project will comprise an 858 acre woodland with a total of 600,000 newly planted trees, all planted by volunteers.

    “It is wonderful to see so many members of the Hertfordshire community coming together to support this extremely worthwhile project,” said Peter Lilley. “Not only will the Heartwood Forest become one of the most attractive and interesting areas of British countryside, it will also act as a strong guarantee that the Green Belt in this area will not be concreted over. I am very pleased to be playing my part in protecting the Hertfordshire countryside.”