Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Airtraffic trials will be conducted by Luton Airport in two phases between 7th March and 24th May this year to determine whether a new navigation system can ensure aircraft stick to more tightly defined flightpaths that have been chosen to avoid populated areas as much as possible. The current flight paths were designed over 20 years ago and the technology being used on the ground is now outdated.

    “My postbag shows that there is widespread concern about the noise levels from Luton Airport.   And that concern fluctuates with routes used,” said Peter Lilley. “I would encourage my constituents to participate fully in this new study and provide as much feedback as possible to the operators on the effect the new flight paths have on noise levels in their area.”

    “It is important that as much information as possible is gathered from these trials to get an accurate picture of the noise disturbance levels from Luton and the impact that they are having on local communities. I hope that these trials will enable Luton Airport to better manage and reduce its noise levels for the benefit of all those living under the flight paths.”