Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley MP has renewed his call for a link road to be built in Hitchin to divert several hundred lorry loads of scrap every day away from residential areas. The road would join Stotfield Road to the back of the Hitchin Industrial Estate.

    “At present the only route into the industrial estate is through a residential area, which subjects the residents to unacceptable levels of traffic, noise and air pollution,” says Peter Lilley. “The number of lorries entering the estate has increased substantially following the removal of the original planning restrictions and the full extent of the heavy traffic through the Cadwell Lane area is now estimated at 600 lorries every day.

    “Building a link road would simultaneously improve immeasurably the lives of local residents while protecting the jobs in the industrial estate. Of course there are many demands on funds for roads and environmental improvement, but together with local and district county councilors, I shall be pressing for this project to be raised up the list of priorities.”