Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    The protest group intends to decontaminate the site unless research is halted.  Local MP Peter Lilley has said he fully supports the crop trials, which are being strongly opposed by the environmentalist group ‘Take the Flour Back’. Scientists at Rothamsted have asked campaigners from the group not to ruin their experimental plots, where

    they are working to make more robust, disease resistant wheat to feed the world

    . Mr Lilley will be meeting local police ahead of the Anti-GM Protest at Rothamsted on 27th May to discuss security arrangements.


    Peter Lilley said: “I strongly support the invaluable work being carried out at the Rothamsted Research Institute on developing GM crops and their very responsible approach to eliminate any risk of release of plants they are developing – risks which are in any case much exaggerated. I particularly welcome the steps scientists at Rothamsted are taking to reach out to those who oppose planned crop trials.

    “I am meeting local police to discuss security arrangements in the event of any attempts to sabotage these trials.”


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