Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    Peter and his wife Gail were given a tour of the centre by Blue Cross chairman Zair Berry and deputy centre manager Emma Pannell. The Hertfordshire Blue Cross Centre houses up to 50 dogs, 14 cats and 6 rabbits, and finds homes for unwanted pets across the UK.   Sadly the number of animals needing a new home is increasing because of economic pressures on families.


    Peter Lilley said: “The centre is doing a terrific job re-homing animals and I was impressed by the way the staff knew the character and needs of each animal. We were introduced to some of the centre’s newest residents, including a litter of kittens and a Jack Russell puppy named Tilly. Gail and I were smitten by Tilly, but as we have no garden, we had to admit we would not be suitable owners!”

    Rachel Cunningham, Public Affairs Manager at Blue Cross, said: “We were all extremely pleased to welcome Peter and Gail to the centre, and to have the opportunity to talk to our local MP about some of animal welfare issues we are dealing with in the Hertfordshire area.”


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    Tel: 020 7219 0157