Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    Written Parliamentary Question (WPQ)
    543 c173-4W
    Lilley, Peter
    Wind Power
    To ask the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change what estimate he has made of the cost of decommissioning windmills (a) on land and (b) offshore.
    Department of Energy and Climate Change
    Hendry, Charles
    DECC has not made an assessment of the cost of decommissioning onshore wind turbines. Where the Secretary of State grants consent for an onshore wind farm, he may also grant deemed planning permission and include a condition that requires developers to work with the relevant local planning authorities to make arrangements for the removal of wind farms or individual turbines and for the land to be restored to an acceptable condition at the end of a project’s lifetime. Where local authorities grant planning permission for wind farms, they are able to include similar conditions requiring decommissioning of the structures.Offshore, there is a statutory decommissioning scheme which allows the Secretary of State to compel wind farm developers to submit costed programmes for the removal of their projects with funds set aside for that purpose. Initial estimates received from wind farm developers indicate a range of figures for potential decommissioning costs (from £31,000 per megawatt to £200,000 per MW) which reflect the different characteristics of the projects concerned and the lack of practical experience to date of decommissioning offshore wind farms around the United Kingdom.
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