Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    Pupils Damilare Hastrup, William Wren, Rudy Clifton and Vani Canagasabey quizzed Peter for the third issue of their new school newspaper, the Graveley Gazette.

    Peter Lilley said: “It was a pleasure to meet these young enthusiastic journalists and answer their many questions on my interests and life as an MP. The young reporters were keen to know if I had met the Queen, to which I replied that I first met her when I was made a member of her Privy Council during my time as a Cabinet Minister. I added that she has a lovely sense of humour! 

    “Asked how long I had been an MP; I have been an MP for 28 years. The pupils thought this was a long time, but I explained that this was actually quite short by parliamentary standards; Gladstone was an MP for 63 years.”

    When asked which football team he supported, Mr Lilley replied: “I don’t follow football, although if was to support a team it would be Tottenham Hotspurs as I was once a candidate for Tottenham.” One boy was thrilled by this response, proudly telling his fellow pupils: “I told you he would support Tottenham!”

    Peter Lilley added: “I very much enjoyed my interview – I only wish all journalists were as polite as they are!”


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