Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    According to the Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust, the service is being removed because of health and safety concerns allegedly raised by staff and by management experts.   But a spokesperson for the staff denies raising such concerns and say there are no health and safety problems to prevent continued procedures using local anaesthetic.  .

    Peter Lilley said: “It is important that this disagreement is cleared up.   If there are genuine health and safety concerns I would obviously not wish my constituents to be put at any risk and the use of these rooms would have to stop until the problems were resolved if that is possible.   But ‘health and safety’ should not be invoked to justify a change in usage which may or may not be justified for other reasons. The people of Harpenden are very reasonable: they accept that changes may be necessary in the way health care can best and most efficiently delivered.   But they would rather be told the plain facts without invoking health and safety if it is not the real driver of change.”     

    “I shall be discussing these issues with the Trust and above all how they intend to meet the health care needs of the people of Harpenden in the future.” 


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