Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    The two IRA bombers were planning to blow up innocent civilians and bandsmen as they left a concert in the arena, but were the only people killed when their device went off prematurely.

    Peter Lilley, who was MP for St Albans at the time, said: “I think it was monstrous to commemorate an evil act that was intended to kill innocent people and an insult to the people of St Albans whom the bombers were trying to kill indiscriminately. Thank heavens since then we’ve had the peace process which surely means we should not glorify acts of violence. I was relieved that the wreath laying did not lead to a breach of the peace.”

    Peter Lilley lived a few hundred yards from the scene of the bombing and his wife Gail, who had intended to go to the cash machine against which the bomb detonated, at the last minute fortunately decided not to do so.



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