Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    During the patrol, Peter Lilley and the Special Constables drove around the problem spots in the area and spoke to a number of farmers and residents living in the countryside near Redbourn. Rural Special Constable Downs informed Peter Lilley of problems he had encountered with anti-social behaviour, speeding and fly-tipping sites, and briefed him on a recent operation during which Special Constables, using the Rural Vehicle, stopped and tested vehicles for red diesel.


    Rural Special Constable Richard Downs said: ‘I am very grateful to the Parish of Redbourn for their support in my role of Rural Special Constable and the funding they have given to get this pilot scheme up and running. I would like to thank Peter Lilley for his support and was glad to have the opportunity to brief him on the work I have been doing over the past six months.’

    Peter Lilley said: ‘I was glad to have the opportunity to go on patrol in the Specials Rural Vehicle and get an insight into the progress being made. The Rural Vehicle has been very well-received since it was deployed in April – we stopped and spoke to a number of farmers who expressed great appreciation of the work the vehicle has done. It has led to a sharp drop in the level of fly-tipping in the area and has given local residents a greater sense of security and been a deterrent to criminals. Because police are regularly seen in the area they get a much better flow of information from people about, for example, suspicious vehicles.’



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