Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    Peter Lilley said: “I support this Bill making 15th June 2015 a unique opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of our liberties. This part of Hertfordshire has a strong link with the Magna Carta – since its first draft was drawn up in St Albans.   So I am particularly proud to be helping to bring in this Bill.”

    “The Bill is being introduced by my colleague Eleanor Laing MP on Wednesday 7th September and, as one of the 12 backers of the Bill, I hope that the House will support it. The basis of our liberties – like the right to Trial by Jury and the Habeas Corpus – have their roots in the Magna Carta.   It is fitting that we should celebrate the historic event which shaped this country’s development, our system of government and our constitutional liberties and subsequently spread throughout the Anglo-Saxon world.”

    The 800th anniversary celebrations in 2015 are being planned well in advance since they will also be taking place in the USA and many Commonwealth countries.


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