Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley said: “Each year I invite everyone on the electoral register who have just reached their 18th birthday to come to Westminster to discuss the issues that concern them, to explain how Parliament works, and to give a tour of the Palace of Westminster.

    “We first gathered in the Grand Committee room for question and discussion session. The topics ranged from university tuition fees, to how to tackle the financial crisis, to development aid.

    “After the main discussion, I took everyone on a guided tour of the House of Commons and the Lords after which a number of them came to my office to discuss parliament and politics late into the evening.

    “Everyone seemed to find the visit interesting and helpful; it was a pleasure for me to meet the young electorate, to learn from their experience and to show them what being an MP is like and that they can get involved in politics today.”

    Picture: Peter Lilley with his visitors at Westminster



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