Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    The Turn Project aims to alleviate the impact of air traffic on the daily lives of Harpenden residents by rerouting the increasing volume of air traffic currently over the town.  When implemented, it has been estimated that it will take hundreds of Harpenden homes out of the noise zone. 


    Peter Lilley has paid tribute to the HarpendenSky.com campaign, which culminated in the Turn Project, saying: “I know from my mailbag that an increasing number of my constituents in Harpenden are being subjected to noise caused by aircraft overflights.   I am very pleased that EasyJet have agreed to an initial trial to help improve track-keeping on this particular flight route.

    “I hope that Luton Airport and EasyJet will come to a solution that will minimise noise to hundreds of Harpenden homes and have a real impact on the quality of life of Harpenden residents.”

    “I wrote to Luton Airport to encourage the trial and am writing again to Glyn Jones, MD of Luton Airport, to thank him for this progress and encourage a positive outcome of the trial.”


    For further information, contact Annabel Palmer


    Tel: 020 7219 4577