Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    The Centre received very encouraging feedback; it was awarded a ‘good’ overall grade, and an ‘outstanding’ grade for care support and guidance of families in the area.

    Peter Lilley said: “It was a pleasure to meet the staff at Oughton’s Children’s Centre, who put me in the picture about the work they are engaged in, and I was pleased to hear of the positive feedback the Centre has been given by Ofsted. Diana Foley expressed concerns about the Centre’s funding which I will now take up with Hertfordshire County Council.”

    Diana Foley, Manager of the Children’s Centre, said: “I am very grateful to Mr Lilley for taking the time to come and visit the Centre. I was glad to have had the opportunity to talk with him about the work of Children’s Centres in our area, and to highlight the concerns I have about future funding which he has offered to take up with Herts County Council on our behalf. It was wonderful that he met some of our young parents too, who were very enthusiastic and positive about the centre.”


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