Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    Local campaigners, Michael Mansi and John Elleston, invited Peter Lilley MP to celebrate the introduction of a ‘No Cold Calling’ zone in the Nine Springs Road area of Hitchin and to thank their MP for helping secure it.

     Mr Mansi said “We had been campaigning for years for a ‘No Cold-Calling’ zone in this part of Hitchin ever since I discovered that they exist across Bedfordshire.   But it was only once I asked Peter Lilley to help that people started to listen.   Peter got the police to take the issue seriously and they recognised that there was a problem in this area: lots of vulnerable people being pestered by cold-callers.  

     Mr Lilley said: “I am delighted that this often-unwelcome practice has now been discouraged from an area with many retired people who had often been harassed by sometimes bogus cold-callers. So I welcome this introduction of a ‘No Cold Calling’ zone.   If anybody in the area still gets trouble from cold-callers I urge them either to contact the police or let Mr Mansi or me know and we will do so.   I congratulate Michael and John for recognising the need for this in the first place and was pleased to help.”


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