Rt Hon Lord Lilley

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    Lilley, Peter
    UK Climate Projections

    I am extremely grateful to you for calling me, Mr. Deputy Speaker. The Secretary of State will know that, as a physicist, I do not dispute the physics of global warming-that a doubling of carbon dioxide concentrations will produce, of itself, about a 1° rise in global temperatures. The cause for concern is the assumption in the models, to which my hon. Friend the Member for Chichester (Mr. Tyrie) referred, that positive feedbacks will amplify the effects. Given that the models did not forecast the decade of stability, or slight decline, in world temperatures, have they been modified in the light of those facts? Are not the projections lower than they would have been if they had been made a decade ago when we had not seen the stability and the huge increase of CO2 that none the less occurred, or is the Secretary of State’s attitude the same as that of Hegel who, when told that his theories were refuted by the facts, replied:””So much the worse for the facts”?”
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