Rt Hon Lord Lilley




    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, is at the forefront of a Parliamentary campaign being launched this week calling for action to tackle global poverty.

    The Trade Out of Poverty (TOP) campaign is urging the world’s richest countries to take down the trade barriers that keep millions of people in poverty.

    Peter Lilley said: “It really is about time that the prosperous nations opened up their markets and simplified the rules to allow developing countries a share of world trade.

    “This campaign is being led by me and four prominent colleagues from across the political spectrum – John Battle, Sir Menzies Campbell, Lord Hastings and Clare Short. We have written an open letter to the leaders of the G20 group of developed nations calling on them to take a bold and positive initiative to help the poorest countries on earth.

    “The current economic crisis makes action all the more urgent. The global recession is generating protectionist sentiments in Europe and the United States, but in the 1930s that sort of response turned a recession into a prolonged slump.

    “Our campaign is backed by the former UN secretary General Kofi Annan and the anti-poverty campaigner Bob Geldof. We want everyone who cares about this issue to bring pressure to bear on governments across the developed world.

    More details of the TOP campaign can be found at www.tradeoutofpoverty.org


     Further information from John Allen