Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Urgent Question (UQ)
    471 c475-6
    Lilley, Peter
    Business of the House
    In compensation for the breach of his solemn promise to grant the British people a referendum on the treaty incorporating the substance of the European constitution, the Prime Minister made a further promise that this House would be able in Committee to consider that treaty line by line. Will the Leader of the House confirm that under the present timetable, no Committee consideration will be given to items in the treaty relating to immigration, asylum and border controls? Not a single amendment and not a single line of the treaty relating to those matters will be considered in Committee by this House. Is it her intention thereby to breach that promise by the Prime Minister as well? The one- … Not in Committee.
    Leader of the House of Commons
    Harman, Harriet

    Perhaps I could remind the House that we had six hours of debate- … If I could just finish, we had six hours of debate on how the House would handle the Bill-six hours of debate in which all Members had an opportunity to raise questions on the procedure for dealing with the Bill, followed by a vote. It has been decided how the Bill should be scrutinised by the House, and we are following through on that procedure.
    House of Commons (HoC)
    Commons Chamber