Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, will meet the Chief Constable of Hertfordshire Police on Thursday, 13th December, to discuss the latest spate of armed robberies and other serious crimes in Harpenden, Wheathampstead and other areas.

    Peter Lilley said:

    “Last Thursday I attended a meeting convened by Mr. Patel, the Wheathampstead sub-postmaster and attended by 50 local shopkeepers and Neighbourhood Watch wardens who voiced their concern about the recent outbreak of armed robberies and burglaries in the area. I agreed to lead a deputation to discuss this with the Chief Constable. Only the next day there was an armed robbery at a bank on Harpenden High Street.

    “At the meeting with the Chief Constable I shall address the need for greater police cover and the installation of CCTV cameras in Wheathampstead and the local area. The upsurge of crime is increasingly raised in House Meetings that I hold with my constituents.

    “I shall seek assurances from the Chief Constable that the police will do all they can to protect shops, banks and homes in Wheathampstead, Harpenden and the rest of my constituency from such violent crime.?