Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    Written Parliamentary Question (WPQ)
    478 c1247W
    Lilley, Peter
    Immigration Controls
    To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department which categories of immigration will not be covered by the points-based system.
    Home Office
    Byrne, Liam
    [holding answer 30 June 2008]: The points-based system will rationalise and simplify our existing system for controlling immigration by migrants who wish to work or study in the UK, so that only the migrants we need are allowed to come to Britain.The new system will not cover immigration routes that are unrelated to work or study. Thus it will not apply to visitors or to those applying as the family members of people settled in the UK, such as spouses. It will not apply to people seeking asylum or humanitarian protection here, or to those applying to stay into the UK after service with HM forces.Finally, there are several routes on which consultation is ongoing outside the PBS. These are Commonwealth citizens seeking to come here under the UK Ancestry provisions, people applying to stay here under the Long Residence Rules, those exercising rights of access to a child and retired persons of independent means.
    House of Commons (HoC)
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