Rt Hon Lord Lilley



    Written Parliamentary Question (WPQ)
    481 c502W
    Lilley, Peter
    Carbon Emissions
    To ask the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change whether emissions from (a) aircraft, (b) shipping and (c) cement manufacture are included in (a) the targets to be set in the Climate Change Bill for reductions by (i) 2020 and (ii) 2050 and (b) in the target to reduce emissions by 20 per cent. below the 1990 level by 2010.
    Dept of Energy and Climate Change
    Ruddock, Joan
    Emissions from domestic aviation and shipping, and from cement manufacture in the UK, will be included in the Climate Change Bill’s 2050 and 2020 targets. They are also included for the purposes of assessing progress towards the Government’s goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent. against a 1990 baseline by 2010. Emissions from international aviation and shipping are not included in either the Bill’s targets, or the 2010 goal.
    House of Commons (HoC)
    Commons Chamber