Rt Hon Lord Lilley


    Date of Proceeding: 03.03.2008
    Reference: 472 c1467
    Member: Lilley, Peter
    Title: Business of the House (Lisbon Treaty) (No. 8)
    Description: I shall be brief. In compensation for breaking a solemn manifesto pledge to hold a referendum, the Government-the Prime Minister himself-promised that the House would be given an opportunity to debate in Committee, line by line, the provisions of the Lisbon treaty, which effectively incorporates the constitutional treaty on which they promised us a referendum. We have not had that line-by-line consideration. The House has not had-and will not have, if the Government motion is passed-the opportunity to debate a single line of the numerous and important clauses in the treaty that affect immigration, asylum and border control, to consider a single amendment or to take a single vote. In other words, the Prime Minister will break a second promise if the business motion is passed. I find that disgraceful.

    I find it appalling that a Minister who is personally so charming and agreeable can be party to such a duplicitous attempt to prevent the House from having what it was promised.