Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley with all the statutory instruments, many of them from Brussels, which pass through Parliament without debatePeter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, wants MPs’ pay linked to their responsibilities to highlight how much power Westminster is losing to Brussels.

    He says: “Parliament is sleepwalking into a European superstate and will wake up one day to find it is little more than a regional assembly.

    “Maybe if MPs saw in their pay packets the effect of each transfer of responsibility they would realise what is happening.

    Peter Lilley will put forward his idea when he proposes a “10 minute Rule Bill” in the House of Commons on Tuesday 3rd June. The Bill would require the Top Salaries Review Board to take into account transfers of responsibilities between Westminster and Europe when making recommendations on MPs pay.

    “In virtually every occupation it is recognised that pay should reflect responsibilities. That’s why county councillors are paid more than district councillors.

    “So if Westminster is to become more like a provincial assembly rather than a sovereign parliament, our remuneration should surely reflect that fact. Of course, if Parliament regains powers, for example over social and employment rights, that should be reflected positively in assessing parliamentary pay.

    Peter Lilley says his aim is to alert MPs to the way their powers are being gradually eroded – not least through transfers to European institutions under the Bill currently passing through Parliament to implement the European Constitutional Treaty – but also transfers to devolved institutions and to the judiciary through the Human Rights Act.

    Government Ministers have admitted that already “around half of all legislation with an impact on business, charities and the voluntary sector [in the UK] stems from legislation agreed by ministers in Brussels”.

    “I don’t know any MP who entered Parliament to become financially better off, but maybe the prospect of finding our pockets a bit emptier at the end of the month would wake us up from our torpor.