Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    EDM 1236



    Mr Peter Lilley

    Mr Gregory Barker

    Mr Harold Best

    Mrs Patsy Calton

    Mr David Chaytor

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Mr Jim Cousins

    Sue Doughty

    Clive Efford

    Matthew Green

    Mr Mike Hancock

    Mr Lindsay Hoyle

    Lynne Jones

    Mr Nigel Jones

    Mr Gordon Marsden

    Mr Mark Prisk

    Mr Alan Simpson

    Derek Wyatt

    18 signatures

    That this House is concerned about the activities of Property Spy Limited, who have acquired prime greenbelt land at Kimpton in Hertfordshire, Brede in East Sussex, Old Woking in Surrey, Thwaite in Suffolk, Sittingbourne in Kent and Fifield in Berkshire and is dividing these properties into small plots and marketing them for speculative sale on the hope of future residential development; fear that these plots will not be ploughed and will become unsightly and degraded in the cynical hope that this will make the grant of planning permission more likely; believes that fertile farmland should be protected and maintained in the event of protracted planning applications; urges local councils to consider all options available to them, including the compulsory purchase of the land; and warns potential speculators that greenbelt land will not be developed so that their investments would be fruitless.

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