Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Date of Proceeding: 18.04.2007
    Reference: 459 c112WH
    Member: Lilley, Peter
    Title: Housing (Hertfordshire)
    Description: On the contrary, if the hon. Gentleman looks at the Joseph Rowntree study and the source of that information-the principal demographers in this country are based in East Anglia and Cambridge-he will find that the pressure of immigration from abroad is leading to the net outflow from London to the home counties. I refer him to a pamphlet, written by myself, that lucidly explains all that. It is called “Too Much of a Good Thing?? It is available for £15 from the Centre for Policy Studies or free on my website. I show the original figures, which have been updated, and they suggest that for the country as a whole, a quarter of all new households-the Government put it at a third-are likely to be due to net immigration from abroad.

    As I said before, that is not net immigration direct into Hertfordshire. It is into London and then out. We need to know those figures if we are to understand the nature of the problem and cope with it accordingly. I am afraid that we have had 17 statements from Housing Ministers over the years, and not one of them has even mentioned the issue. I only return to it because of course every time I do, they try to shut me up. As often as they try to shut me up, I will return to the subject. I hope that as a result we shall get more information out of this debate than we have out of previous debates on the subject.