Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, has called on the people of
    Hitchin and Harpenden to write to the Transport Secretary opposing plans to
    over-expand Luton Airport before 30th November.

    Peter Lilley told a second crowded meeting in Harpenden on Friday 15th

    “It is vital that local people who want to express their firm opposition to
    the plans to over-expand Luton Airport to the size of Gatwick write to the
    Transport Secretary stating their objections before the end of the
    consultation on 30th November. Even after that date – which we are trying to
    get extended – representations will probably still be considered but it is
    best to write before then.

    “I shall continue to oppose the plan and the unfair way government seems to
    be treating people affected by their plans for Luton. I have tabled
    Parliamentary Questions challenging Ministers to spell out the status of
    proposal for a new long runway at Luton – whether it is a fixed assumption
    (as the Consultants? Study says) or merely an option depending on the
    outcome of consultation – as is the case for other airports in the South

    “I am working with other Hertfordshire MPs to defend Hertfordshire against
    the potentially devastating effect of over expansion of airports. Yesterday
    we met County Councillors and were briefed by Charlie Watson, Herts County
    Council Environment Director. It was agreed that we would do all in our
    power to alert our constituents to the threat facing the County.”