Rt Hon Lord Lilley

    Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, welcomes the fact that 14 local authorities and 10 civic societies and voluntary organisations have now joined Limit Luton Alliance a group set up to co-ordinate the fight against excessive expansion of Luton Airport. Mr. Lilley established Limit Luton Alliance, which is a strictly non-party political body, to coordinate the efforts of the main official bodies and voluntary organisations in the area affected by any proposals to expand Luton Airport.

    Peter Lilley said:

    “Earlier this year I took the initiative to establish a body to co-ordinate the efforts of all the different organisations who were campaigning to prevent excessive expansion of Luton Airport. 14 local authorities and 10 civic societies and voluntary organisations have now affiliated to the Limit Luton Alliance. Its main tasks are to identify where the best expertise and resources are to be found in order to conduct the most effective long-term campaign; to co-ordinate activities where appropriate; and to avoid duplication of effort.

    “Following months of lobbying and campaigning, the Government last month conceded that a new long runway should be a policy option, rather than an assumption. Limit Luton Alliance will build on this initial success, but it is vital that we maintain pressure against excessive expansion throughout the consultation period which ends on 30th June. Indeed, I urge people to continue to write to the Department of Transport making their feelings clear about over-expansion at Luton.?

    ?Nicola Ball and Margaret Shepperd are providing the secretariat for Limit Luton Alliance. They may be contacted by email at Nicola.ramsden@virgin.net and Margaret.shepperd@virgin.net. ”