HM Prison Brixton

- Monday, 19th December 2005


Written Parliamentary Question (WPQ)
Date of Answer: 19.12.2005
Column References: 440 c2358-9W
Member Tabling Question: Lilley, Peter
Topic: HM Prison Brixton
Question: (4) what the cost of salaries paid to prison officers suspended on full pay in the prison service was in the last 12 months.
Answering Department: Home Office
Member Answering Question: Mactaggart, Fiona
Answer: Staff are required to work additional hours to ensure that a deliverable regime is maintained and major services to prisoners are not affected by any staff shortages. Staff are repaid for working these additional hours by time off in lieu. No overtime has been paid for the specific reason of replacing suspended staff.Information on the number of prison officers suspended across the service is not held centrally and could be obtained only at disproportionate cost. It is therefore not possible to provide the total cost to the service of salaries paid to prison officers, suspended on full pay, over the past 12 months. Currently five officers are suspended on full pay from Brixton prison. In the period 1 November 2004 to date, nine officers have been suspended on full pay from duty at Brixton. The total cost of the salaries paid to these officers in that period is ?168,000.
Question Number: 29256
Date Tabled: 14.11.2005
Date for Answer: 16.11.2005
Legislature: House of Commons (HoC)
Chamber/Committee: Commons Chamber
Status: Answered
Session: 05-06



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