- Wednesday, 18th October 2006


Written Parliamentary Question (WPQ)
Date of Answer: 18.10.2006
Column References: 450 c1297-9W
Member Tabling Question: Lilley, Peter
Topic: Illegal Immigrants
Question: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what action the Immigration and Nationality Directorate is taking to trace the 17 suspected illegal immigrants seen leaving a lorry in Wheathampstead on 14 July.
Answering Department: Home Office
Member Answering Question: Byrne, Liam
Answer: The Immigration Service (IS) is committed to responding to requests by the police to attend clandestine events, such as lorry drops, whenever and wherever operationally possible. In this instance on 30 June Hertfordshire police advised the Immigration Services that three people had been identified after the police responded to a report that approximately 15 individuals had been seen leaving a vehicle in Wheathampstead.They were arrested and taken to Hemel Hempstead police station. Since they were unaccompanied children they were subsequently released into the care of social services.
Question Number: 83386
Date Tabled: 04.07.2006
Date for Answer: 06.07.2006
Legislature: House of Commons (HoC)
Chamber/Committee: Commons Chamber
Status: Answered
Session: 05-06



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