- Thursday, 8th March 2012


Oral Parliamentary Question (OPQ)
541 c988
Lilley, Peter
Climate Change
I am grateful to my hon. Friend for his answer, which none the less remains complacent. When the InterAcademy Council reported, it proposed radical reforms that would"“fundamentally reform IPCC's management structure while enhancing its ability to conduct an authoritative assessment”," and criticised IPCC authors for reporting"“high confidence in some statements for which there is little evidence.”" Most of the InterAcademy Council's recommendations have been rejected, however. Why are the Government not pressing for them to be implemented?
Department of Energy and Climate Change
Barker, Gregory
My right hon. Friend will know that, as a result of the reform procedures, an executive committee has been formed and a new conflict of interest policy has been created. The communications strategy has also been elaborated on much more strongly. I accept that this is by no means perfect, but we now have much greater faith in the IPCC and we look forward to seeing its fifth report.
House of Commons (HoC)
Commons Chamber



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