- Thursday, 7th January 2010


Oral Parliamentary Question (OPQ)
503 c262-3
Lilley, Peter
Nuclear Waste
Does the Minister accept that even those of us who are sceptical about the more exaggerated theories of global warming want to see rapid moves towards greater diversity of supply, less reliance on imported hydrocarbons and therefore the rapid development of nuclear energy? Is it not a disgrace that it has taken so long to get to any kind of resolution of this problem of the disposal of nuclear waste?
Dept of Energy and Climate Change
Kidney, David
No, this is the first Government who have got a grip on the decision about the long-term future disposal of nuclear waste. It is good, however, that there is common ground between us on the security of energy supply and its coming from diverse sources; on that we can agree. There has certainly not been any delay in planning or policy for new nuclear, as we have seen three consortiums coming forward with plans for about 16 GW of new power from nuclear.
House of Commons (HoC)
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