Business: Inspections

- Tuesday, 15th January 2008


Written Parliamentary Question (WPQ)
470 c1215W
Lilley, Peter
Business: Inspections
To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform when inspectors' reports into (a) Graylaw Holdings Ltd, (b) Link Service Stations Ltd, (c) British Anzani plc, (d) Bank Street Securities Ltd, (e) Medway Secondary Metals Ltd and (f) Pennine Commercial Holdings plc were completed; and what plans he has to publish the report in each case.
Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform
McFadden, Patrick
The inspectors' reports into Graylaw Holdings Limited, Link Service Stations Limited and Bank Street Securities Limited were all completed on 26 July 1996; the report into British Anzani plc was completed on 28 November 1986, the report into Medway Secondary Metals Limited was completed on 21 October 1987 and the report into Pennine Commercial Holdings plc was completed on 26 July 1996. There are no plans to publish the reports; in 1996 the Secretary of State concluded that publication was not justified.
House of Commons (HoC)
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