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- Wednesday, 6th February 2008


Oral Parliamentary Question (OPQ)
471 c954
Lilley, Peter
Official Engagements
As compensation for breaking his promise on the referendum, the Prime Minister made a new promise to this House. He said that it would be able to consider the treaty incorporating the substance of the constitution line-by-line in a Committee of the whole House, yet not a single clause relating to immigration, asylum and border controls has been, or will be, considered in a Committee of the whole House, be that through line-by-line examination, amendments or a vote. What are his promises worth?
Prime Minister
Brown, Gordon
We are considering the European Union (Amendment) Bill day by day in the House of Commons in great detail. Let me remind the right hon. Gentleman that he was a member of the Cabinet that denied the British people a referendum on the Maastricht treaty.
House of Commons (HoC)
Commons Chamber



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