Oral Parliamentary Question on Double Jeopardy

- Monday, 20th November 2000


Mr. Peter Lilley (Hitchin and Harpenden): Can the Minister confirm that the Government are not merely considering relaxing the protection against double jeopardy, but contemplating doing so retrospectively?

Given that the Government have now attacked most of the spheres in which people know there are protections in the law and care about them--the right to trial by jury, the presumption of innocence and now the relaxation of the rule against double jeopardy--is not justice being put at jeopardy and people‘s confidence in law being undermined?

Mr. Boateng: The criminal law, rightly, takes a dim view of retrospectivity. The Government will, of course, consider the recommendation of the Law Commission, when it comes, but I should be extremely surprised if the Law Commission recommended retrospectivity.



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Oral Parliamentary Question on Double Jeopardy


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