Conservatives hail "Keep The Pound" campaign

- Monday, 12th February 2001


The Conservatives? campaign to Keep the Pound has resulted in over 1000 people signing up to support the campaign in Hitchin & Harpenden and many more took the pledge cards to return later.

Peter Lilley MP said: "Our campaign to Keep the Pound has been a huge success. I am delighted so many people have signed up to support our currency. The Euro is primarily a political project intended to lead from single currency, to single government, to single state.

"Tony Blair?s comments last week sounded the death-knell for the pound. The choice at the forthcoming General Election is crystal clear - only the Conservatives will Keep the Pound. Labour and LibDems in Hitchin & Harpenden would scrap the Pound and surrender more powers to a European superstate.?

"The only way to keep the pound is to vote Conservative."



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Conservatives hail "Keep The Pound" campaign


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