Lilley calls for rejection of west of Stevenage planning application

- Thursday, 26th July 2001


Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, welcomed North Herts District
Council?s court victory over developers who want to build up to 10,000
houses west of Stevenage.

He said: "The developers? subsequent decision to lodge a planning application despite their court defeat smacks of desperation. Their application is both premature and flawed.

"I recognise that district councillors must approach this application without prejudice and therefore cannot express their views at this stage.

Nonetheless I am convinced that there are overwhelming reasons for rejecting
this application.

"Above all, the Green Belt should remain sacrosanct. Any breach of that
principle on this unprecedented scale would create a dangerous precedent
which developers could cite to justify developments on Green Belt land
throughout the county and the country.

"Moreover, I am optimistic that Hertfordshire County Council?s urban
development review will identify opportunities for building elsewhere which
will render this massive incursion into the Green Belt unnecessary.

"The developers would be better employed searching out more brownfield sites
elsewhere in the county to provide the extra homes we need."



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Lilley calls for rejection of west of Stevenage planning application


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