Lilley: New approach needed to tackle Hertfordshire's crime crisis

- Tuesday, 25th June 2002


Peter Lilley, MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, today called for a new approach
to tackling soaring violent crime in Hertfordshire. Government figures for
last year show that violence against the person has risen by 21 per cent in
Hertfordshire - one of the largest increases across the country. Further
increases are expected in this year‘s crime figures which will be published
on 12th July.

Peter Lilley said:

"Hertfordshire experienced one of the largest rises in total recorded crime
across the country last year - a 22% increase since 1999/2000. New crime
statistics to be published next month are expected to confirm that many
forms of violent crime are continuing to soar. We need action - and I am
outlining a five-point strategy for fighting crime in Hertfordshire:

1. To combat youth crime, we need intervention to lead ‘problem
children‘ away from the conveyer belt to crime, at the earliest possible
stage in their lives.
2. We need longer term, rehabilitative sentences for persistent
young offenders. Within two years of leaving Young Offenders Institutions,
three-quarters of the leavers will have been reconvicted of a crime.
3. We must put police back on Hertfordshire‘s streets and turn
them into the custodians of our neighbourhoods. Too much police time is
taken up on pointless paperwork and red-tape rather than patrolling our
streets and working with the local community.
4. We must overhaul our creaking criminal justice system - so
that trials are conducted efficiently and effectively.
5. There must be an effective campaign against drug dependency
across Hertfordshire - without which no fight on crime stands any real
chance of succeeding.

"Conservatives want to see a society where neighbours and parents across
Hertfordshire alike take responsibility, in which family structures are
supportive rather than torn apart, and in which local residents feel they
have power over their own destiny. I now want to hear the views of people
across the county to see how we can develop effective reforms to implement
this strategy."



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Lilley: New approach needed to tackle Hertfordshire's crime crisis


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