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Google Analytics


All websites designed by LineDot Web Design use harmless Google Analytics cookies (as do almost all websites). The cookies set by Google Analytics help us to get an idea of the amount of traffic coming to the website and effect changes to make the user experience better. They also help us to identify issues such as broken links and work on making the website's structure easier to navigate amongst other uses. For more information please see the Google Analytics site.


Twitter & Youtube


We sometimes create pages with 'Twitter feeds' or videos hosted by Youtube. Both these companies may set simple cookies to help improve their services and provide usage statistics.


What can I do to disallow or control cookies?


Our honest advice is not to worry about cookies. They have been in use for many years and serve a simple and clear purpose. We do not use cookies to collect personal data or to get hold of your browsing history for instance. They are mostly used for funtional purposes - to make a device run, or to let us know how many times a page/video or other device has been viewed.


If you are worried about cookies, we recommend the following sites for more information and methods of opting out:


- Aboutcookies.org


- For Information on the cookies set by Google Analytics



- To opt-out of Google Analytics




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