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"Thank you for taking so much trouble on my behalf."

- Mrs J. W., Hitchin


"Thank you for fighting to protect our 'Green Belt'."

- Mrs C. M., Preston


"The influence your involvement has made is amazing. I would like to thank you very much for your support, and help."

- Miss K. S., Redbourn


"Your quick action on my behalf caused this to happen, and I am most grateful."

- Ms S. R., Harpenden




Recent Press Release:



Treasury used 'Indefensible Statistical Manipulation' to make Brexit Costs Exceed Benefits

- Tuesday, 21st June 2016


"The effect of these indefensible errors is to exaggerate the impact of leaving on our trade with the EU by a factor of between 3 and 10..."


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Recent Speech in Parliament:



EU Membership: Economic Benefits

- Wednesday, 15th June 2016


The average WTO tariff that would apply to British exports to the EU, in the almost inconceivable circumstance of our having no free trade agreement with it, would be 2.4%.


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Recent Publication:


City AM

Peter Lilley calls for an inquiry into "statistical manipulation" by the government on Brexit figures

- Monday, 20th June 2016


Government figures on the risks of Brexit may have overstated the negative impact by as much as 10-fold, according to a former minister...


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